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New ESP Store Website Coming Soon

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ESP front pageNew ESP Store Website Coming Soon!

We’ve got exciting new changes coming to our store. We’ve selected a new shop platform that we will be transitioning to in the next few months. The new shop will include an easy to use interface, and make it more efficient for each visitor to search and find products. For more information contact us at

We will be sending out more information as we get closer to the transition.

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With Augmented Reality … Your audience might  start seeing things just a little different.

AR from PMI

Call ESP Exhibits to see how AR can reveal hidden information for you.

(619) 222-8813




Trade Show News from PMI

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Tradeshow Sell Sheet

ESP Exhibits: A Division of Presentation Media, In.


Great Graphics

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Making Graphics that work.

TS graphics

Your company has great products and great services. But you need something to draw them in first, you need great graphics to do their job.

Want to know how? ESP can guide you through the process of getting great graphics, we will share the fundamentals of successful graphic for your next trade shows.

Fill out our form to get your free PDF guide to Great Graphics:


Season to save at ESP Exhibits

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PMI Piggybank

Save during this Holiday Season with ESP products. Call one of our friendly representatives at (619) 222-8813 to find out how. Be sure to sign up for our informative E-NEWSETTER too.



Your First Trade Show Display

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If you’re doing a trade show for the first time, you might be a little nervous about how the event will unfold and if you’ve forgotten anything in organizing your display. At ESP, we’ve seen all kinds of trade shows and displays and there is little for which we can’t provide either some advice or a definitive answer.

Price, booth space size, and portability are just three of several important criteria when just beginning to think about your first display.

Either you’ve put together a budget yourself or have been given one by your company. In any case, the total cost of your trade show display is a determining factor in what type of display you should consider. Here are four price categories:

1. If your budget is under $5000.00, you should consider portable tabletop and freestanding popup displays such as Xpressions Snap, V BURST, and classic popup displays with fabric or mural graphic panels, folding panel display packages, or banner stands.

2. More elaborate portable displays and simple modular display systems such as Alumalite or possibly a combination of these display types usually fall within the budget range of $5,000.00 to $10,000.00.

3. If you have more to play with, say between $10,000.00 and $30,000.00, you should be looking at simple to slightly customized modular display systems and full custom displays depending on the size of your display booth and the image you want to portray.

4. And if price is no object, then you should consider high end custom modular display systems and full custom exhibits. Note that custom exhibits can be modular to a degree although they usually don’t have the same flexibility as modular display systems and are often heavier and bulkier resulting in higher shipping and show site drayage costs.

Combining display types is an option to help you meet budget objectives. For example, you can combine a tabletop or freestanding portable popup display with a banner stand. Or you can use three banner stands to create a 10’w display backwall in your exhibit booth space.

Keep in mind that popup displays and banner stands can be combined with modular display systems to help meet budget restrictions. The possibilities are virtually unlimited.

1. If your trade show booth space is linear (in a line with several other exhibit booths), your display is usually restricted to a height of 8′. While any display type can be used in a linear space, the most common are portable freestanding popup displays, folding panel display systems and tabletop displays. Multiple banner stands are also frequently used to create a linear booth space backwall.

2. For island and peninsula (also known as end cap) exhibit booth spaces, the typical display is either a modular panel system or a custom exhibit. Although less common, portable popup displays are also used in island and peninsula spaces.

3. Multiple story displays are almost always custom exhibits or a combination of custom and modular display systems.

If you’re looking for the best in portability and convenience; if your ideal trade show display is something you can transport and set up yourself or ship inexpensively, you should be looking at portable tabletop displays, freestanding popup displays, and banner stands. Portable displays are lightweight and usually can be transported by car, plane, or via express shippers. There are many options available that you can easily take on a plane as checked or carry-on luggage.

If you’re confused at all or feel overwhelmed while planning your first trade show display, please feel call ESP any time at 619-222-8813. We are happy to help!

See portable display options here.


Exhibit Rentals from ESP

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ESP Rental display 1Just a few years ago, if you wanted to ensure you had a dynamic, effective display, your only option was to purchase a custom exhibit. If you wanted to reduce costs by renting an exhibit, you had to make do with generic, one-size-fits-all, often unimaginative displays. This is no longer true.

Today’s top exhibit producers are offering rental displays that are fresh, dynamic, compelling to visitors and customized to meet your unique needs. Now exhibitors can enjoy all of the benefits of custom design impact – effective brand communication, and functionality – and still save money.

Navigate our site featuring hundreds of display designs and rental displays. Now it’s easier than ever to decide if you want to Rent instead of Buying.