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New ESP Store Website Coming Soon

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ESP front pageNew ESP Store Website Coming Soon!

We’ve got exciting new changes coming to our store. We’ve selected a new shop platform that we will be transitioning to in the next few months. The new shop will include an easy to use interface, and make it more efficient for each visitor to search and find products. For more information contact us at

We will be sending out more information as we get closer to the transition.

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Upcoming Trade Shows

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Here is a list of upcoming Trade Shows. Contact Nate at ESP Exhibits, he will help you get ready for your next Event, Trade Show or Presentation.

Travel Exchange

Los Angeles, USATravel Exchange is going to be held for a period of five days in Los Angeles, United States Of America.

UMA Motorcoach Expo

16-20 Feb 2014
Los Angeles, USAUMA Motorcoach Expo is the oldest trade show for the motorcoach sector organised in USA.

Components for Military & Space Electronics Conference & Exhibition

18-21 Feb 2014
Los Angeles, USAComponents for Military and Space Electronics Conference and Exhibition.

The College Expo – Los Angeles

Los Angeles, USAThe College Expo – Los Angeles is one day event for exploring new business potential in Education & Training sector.


Trade Shows like First Dates?

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224420_241291892561455_1973552_aTrade shows are like first dates, first meetings, or job interviews. Unless you have an ego like Donald Trump, these “firsts” scare the dickens out of you. They should. No matter how well you prepare, the unknowns trump the knowns by a ratio of about 10,000 to 1. If you’ve ever been on a blind date, or even a first date with someone you’ve just met, you know that a date is about being the person you strive to be, not the person you are.

Of course, not everyone has the gumption, the imagination, or the self-awareness to lift their game to the next level. Some people never grasp that first impressions are lasting impressions. They wear scuffed shoes to the job interview, slouch in the chair, chew gum, or dress inappropriately. They make the decision easy for the interviewer. On that important first date, when every word and every gesture is scrutinized, they monopolize the conversation, talk with their mouth full of food, and tell jokes that would offend Redd Foxx.

I suspect, however, that most of us strive to make a positive first impression. After all, we want to be liked, we want to be respected. In a typical social situation, we engage others in conversation in order to learn about their lives and to share ours.

Looking Good
Then why do so many trade show exhibits stink and so many trade show booth staffers stink even more. For the vast majority of attendees, their first impression of you is based on your display. It’s their first date, your first interview, and the first meeting for both of you. Walk the typical trade show, whether it’s a Chamber of Commerce “Meet and Greet” or your industry’s lollapalooza in Las Vegas, Orlando, or Chicago. About 50 percent of the exhibits are creative, targeted, and well-planned. The booth staff understands their roles and makes every effort to behave like outstanding role models. No inappropriate scratching, no Starbucks coffee cups littering the display, no obsessive Crackberry distractions. They are there to work the show and understand that during show hours they are on stage and every interaction is a performance.

Looking Bad
And then there are the other 50 percent. Let’s start with the booth. My oh my. . . too often it’s bulletin board artwork stuck to a booth built by the Alf and Ralph, the Monroe Brothers on Green Acres. Or if it’s a professionally designed exhibit, it’s long in the tooth, damaged, and the exhibit equivalent of Archie’s jalopy sitting on cinder blocks. Now that may be acceptable at the local hobby fair, but wearing the trade show equivalent of a lime green leisure suit at the Governor’s Ball is tacky (funny but still tacky). It screams, “I just don’t care.” Now you may be comfortable on your first date with a big piece of spinach stuck to your front teeth, but even if your date has matching green dental jewelry, chances are there will not be a second date. Trade shows are expensive, but the actual display is usually the least expensive investment over 2-3 years. So invest wisely.

Behaving Badly
Now the booth staff. This is almost too easy. So rather than riff on the stereotypical cell phone chatting, Motrin popping from a hangover, couldn’t give a rat’s @$$ booth staffers, let’s take the high road. The reason too many exhibits are staffed with the wrong people is simple. They are the wrong people. They don’t have a vested interest in the company’s success, they aren’t knowledgeable, and they aren’t “people” people. Trade shows are not magazine ads or television spots. They are face-to-face sales opportunities. How often have you been to a Chamber of Commerce mixer and the local bank’s display is staffed by a teller? The teller is pleasant and pleasant-looking, but he/she doesn’t know anything about the bank’s loan programs, CD rates, or charitable programs. The teller shouldn’t be there. The local branch manager should be. Pamphlets, key chains, and cleavage are not replacements for one-on-one knowledge.

Ideally, your trade show staffing should have senior management participation. They have the knowledge and the vested interest. Too often, however, they wander the show floor like a band of schoolgirls whispering snide comments about competitors, eating candy, and planning the evening’s activities. Never underestimate the power of a title. And unless your senior management is poison, meeting the CEO or President of a company in their booth can turn “interest” into an “order” almost immediately.

Want to succeed at your next trade show? Treat it like a first date. Look your best and mind your manners. Remember that first impressions are lasting impressions. And no matter how tempting that spinach omelet looks for breakfast, it’s probably a good idea to select the oatmeal instead.

Article Author:  Mel White/Classic Exhibits, ESP Trade Show Displays Partner


Capturing the Right Trade Show Visitor in 2014

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Stop Spending Time with Every Trade Show Visitor!

Some exhibitors have a hard time understanding that every trade show visitor is not a good lead. There are three types of prospects and treating each one correctly can save you and them time.

1.Customer A. Ready-to-buy or order now.

  This is why you are exhibiting at the show, spend quality time with them.

2. Customer B. Have an interest, but need more information.

You want to convert these people to Type A.  Try to discover who they are. You will be able to do more with them than just giving them a product brochure that they won’t read later.

3. Customer C.  Do not have an interest.

  They either do not want or need your product, or at least think they don’t. Don’t spend time with them – try to avoid them.   An exception is if your booth is overstaffed and people need to look busy. If that’s the case – send someone home!

Start by attracting the right prospects into your booth.

1. Display good signs and/or graphics.

  Get their attention by providing clear descriptions of who will benefit and why. This gets people to ask themselves, “Is that me? Maybe I should talk to someone.”  Avoid standing in the aisle dragging people into your booth – it rarely results in more sales.

2. Effective Presentations

Good presentations in your booth will draw crowds.  By sprinkling trivia about the industry or your product category within your presentation, your audience will come away feeling they’ve learned something in addition to your product details and benefits.  Provide two important options at the end of the presentation, such as where they should go next: the order desk or to a company representative for more in-depth discussions.

Customer C prospects viewing your presentation can usually determine what they may need from you.  If they learn something during the presentation, it will leave them with a good feeling about your products and your company.   Maybe offer them a small giveaway or company brochure.   Avoid the urge to go after them. If they are going to become customers, you’ll get them later.

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XpressionsSNAP SHEER portable pop up trade show displays

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Xpressions SNAP SHEER 4×3 (10’w) pop up display
See through the forest of mediocrity:
•    SHEER skins on the front plane define striking visual space
•    Darker colored SHEER skins show off the translucent effect
•    Create a floating effect with white text
•    Layer SHEER colors as you would paints and create mixed visual hue effects
•    Accent your next custom display design by incorporating SHEER skins
•    XpressionsSNAP! SHEER displays are lightweight, portable, and set up completely in seconds
•    Highest image quality due-sublimated Xpressions graphics provide a fantastic 3D look
•    Graphic skins are easily changed out for different messages or completely different designs
See more photos in our facebook Xpressions Snap Sheer photo album.


Xpressions SNAP SHEER 3×3 (8’w) Fabric Pop Up Display
Contact ESP today to learn more.



Xpressions SNAP SHEER 1×3 (32″w) Fabric Pop Up


Renting Trade Show Displays

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Trade Display Rentals

Alumalite Rental Display 20ft

Benefits of renting a trade show exhibit display:

  • Lower upfront cost helps you achieve trade show marketing goals when you don’t have the budget to buy what you need
  • Meets one-time or limited use requirements such as overlapping or back-to-back trade shows, uncommon booth space sizes, exhibiting at a show you don’t often go to, or your existing display isn’t quite right for a particular trade show
  • No long term storage, maintenance, or inventory management costs
  • Test trade shows for a new trade show marketing program to establish the number of shows where you’ll exhibit and which provide the best ROI
  • Helps determine the size of booth you need and if a particular booth layout will be effective for presenting your company and demonstrating your products or services
  • Minimize or negate shipping costs by renting locally

Disadvantages of renting a trade show exhibit display:

  • The cost of a rented trade show display cannot be depreciated
  • May not be available when needed without reserving well in advance (rental displays are usually on a first-come-first-serve basis)
  • Graphics may not be reusable – particularly if produced to fit specific rental display components
  • Challenge to maintain a consistent look from show to show unless you have a contract to rent the same display repeatedly


A good rental trade show display does not look like it is rented. There are many methods and materials to customize rental booth properties to present your company’s best side on the trade show floor. It simply takes a bit of creativity and an open mind.

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STUDRY WHEELED CASES for your Trade Show

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Burst-wheeled-case-esp28ESP carries several hard wheeled cases in a variety of sizes for shipping your trade show display, graphics, banner stands, or other items to your trade show or special event.

These rugged yet lightweight shipping cases provide superior protection during shipment for your display materials.

See the complete line up here.